Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the drug from hell

Over the past few months I've been slowly coming off one of my medications, and it has been going very smoothly. Until it didn't...
I don't want to speak ill of any medication, but I felt compelled to share my experience honestly, because it was quite scary.
I was able to come off of two others with no problems, as I have done before with many medications, halving the dose for one week, halving it again for another week, and done. No problems.
Then I started weening off Cymbalta. I came down from 60mg to 30mg for a week. or so
After about 3 days I started noticing I was feeling nauseous but didn't make the connection.
After 5 days I said this is going fine and went down to 10 mg, and stayed on that for 3 days, then stopped.

Three days after having nothing in my system all hell broke loose. It began at night, I was lying on my couch and was feeling really anxious. Then my big toe on one foot felt cold... Which led to a full blown panic attack. Within hours my body was trembling. My nerves were firing at every turn of my head, I could feel electricity in my skin.
This went on for two more days.
I had panic attacks, tremors, nausea so bad I didn't eat for 2 days. Brain zaps. I swear could hear my eyes move. Head aches so bad I couldn't see.
 It was horrible. This led my to research withdrawal symptoms for Cymbalta, which was an eye opening experience in itself....
With the help of my doctor, we decided to go back to 40mg immediately, and start a ween SLOWLY.  I mean slowly, by 5mg at two weeks each.
This is going to take months, but I've never been more determined to get this drug out of my body.