Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 1 Sf TMS

Today was the big day! 
I had my brain mapping and first treatment of TMS, a new, amazing, long term treatment for chronic depression. What an amazing experience.  I was laughing and saying "this is so cool!" the whole time. 
The mapping took about half an hour. They target the magnet at the motor cortex, and apply one pulse and wait until the right hand has a reflex to the current. Then they target it down until only the thumb moves. This gives them the location of the prefrontal cortex. It's weird, we all know that the brain and body are connected, but its not until you experience something like this that makes it really sink in. The brain is amazing.

Then I had my first treatment, another 40 minutes. At first, it was EXTREMELY painful, like an electrocution to the face. With minor adjustments we worked are way to less pain.
Still a very odd sensation.
The team is super friendly and even though today was more painful than expected I'm still excited.
Tomorrow will be better!

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