Thursday, August 28, 2014

I have a child's head.

another very long day. 
I also have started a new job as of last week, stupidly at the same time I started tms. 
Now my schedule is as followed:
-wake up at 7:30
-get zapped in head for 40 minutes
-sleep for hour
-sit in traffic for 45 minutes
-work from 1-10:45ish
-shower, sleep (at the same time)

but anyway, 
I got the magnets bumped up to 110 (I should get to 120 by week 2 to have the best effect)
It was painful, more of a shocky feeling than a head achey feeling
but the lady said I am the only one out of the four that is experiencing any pain....

and they think its because I have a small head...seriously. 
But, I seem to run into that problem a lot...seriously...lens crafters said I needed child frames....

yeah, so they are looking into possibly getting a smaller coil that will hopefully not target my nerves as much. we will see! 

Mood wise, I feel good. I've been thinking about my father a lot, as expected. 
Its getting easier to distinguish depression from grief, which I think is a good thing. 
The biggest change I've noticed in a huge decrease in my fatigue. 

Fatigue is an understatement really. It all started the day after my father told me about his diagnosis, which was roughly 11 months ago. 
I pretty much became narcoleptic.  
Tiredness that was in my bones. In my eyes. My fingertips.  Everyday, all day.
For the last 5 days I've only needed to take one small nap after TMS, then I haven't felt tired at all during my 9 hour work shift.
Which is pretty fucking huge. 

so yeah. pretty sweet. goodnight all. stay well.

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